Friday, May 18, 2012

Emergency Flag Repair

My son asked me this morning to fix Christian Pacheco's flag, before school. Super rush job, as today is Friday and I wanted Christian to have it for the weekend.

The first part was to repair the broken staff, with super glue and two layers of electical tape, one horizontal and one vertical. My son made sure I got the sequence correct, before stitching it back into the flag body. the staff was broken at the bottom portion of the flag, so I shortened the broken section  by 1" in order to center the break into the body of  flag, providing more structural integrity to the unit.
The second part of the repair was restitching the broken threads.
I could not fit the tiny stitches under my industrial sewing machine, so rather than make the repair by hand, I cut a new 12oz vinyl section and stitched it over the existing white pole sleeve, using T-69 industrial thread.

Aligned and tacked up and ready to stitch.

all done, in time for school. I asked my son if he was the one who broke the flag, but he said no, Christian tried to make a catapult and broke it. My son just offered to help, because he knew we could, and that's the way it should be.