Sunday, January 24, 2016

Ride Report: Mt. Tam 100k

Riding, for me, is always challenging.
Regardless of distance or terrain or weather, each ride has it's own challenges.

For the Mt. Tam 100k, I was ready for a full day of suffering up climbs, but I wasn't ready for what actually happened.

The sun disappeared quick and the gentle rain started.

Then the wind and rain increased just as the climbing started.
At the peak of the first climb, the rain kicked even harder.
I was underdressed and my hands and arms went numb at the top of the second climb. 
Then visibility went to zero in the heavy fog and driving rain.

I panicked twice and put my foot down to prevent myself from being blown sideways off the bike.

Then up the ridge, up 7 sisters, and up to the top of Mt. Tam.
At the peak, I notice my flat tire, which I changed with frozen hands.

Then I noticed my shoe had come apart.

Luckily I got to sea level safely and finished with a few minutes to spare. 

Thanks to Rob, RBA for the SF Randonneurs, for designing this route, a RUSA 100k Permanente.

Next time, warmer clothes and duct tape.

This weather didn't last long.

Bottles re-filled and ready for the climbing.

Time to add duct tape to my emergency kit.